Are you a fan of Boba or Bubble Tea? Do you want everyone who visits your site to know? Join the clique and add a little boba to your site today!

Back in the days of the Old Web, tiny pixel cliques like this one were quite popular and covered a number of topics, mostly food items. With the resurgence of all things Old Web, I have taken it upon myself to archive and (in some cases) revive as many of these cliques as I can find, starting with this one. Many of the pixels were created by the original owners of these cliques though a few have been added. The original cliques can be found via the Internet Archive here and here.


1. You must have a site to place your boba and you should probably like boba too.
2. Link your boba back to this address: http://cliques.pixelrevival.xyz/boba.
3. Do not direct link. Save the image to your own server.


Select your boba here. Choose as many as you like! And be sure to check back in later as I add new pixels.


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